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On-Farm Coffee Roastery
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Coffee Cupping

Coffee cupping is a tasting practice that is used to evaluate and compare coffees from different farms, varietals and processing methods.
Attend an hour long coffee cupping at Milk House Roastery. This includes a blind tasting of coffee varieties from various regions around the world. Compare notes with others in your group and try your hand at distinguishing each variety. You will learn about the ritual of cupping coffee and be introduced to the complexity of coffee from farm to cup. All while sharpening you coffee tasting palette. See below for booking details.
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How to book your cupping.

Email us using the "Book Now" link below and let us know a few details about your group. • How many will be attending (maximum 8 people) • A couple of dates and times that will work for your group (we will do our best to accommodate) • We will reply to confirm your cupping and provide a link for payment. Pricing: $50 base price includes one individual, each additional attendee is $18. We can also accommodate offsite cuppings, email us for details. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Milk House Roastery was established by Michael and Lynda Foster in the Spring of 2020. Mike, having a background in farming and fine art, and Lynda, operating multiple small businesses throughout her career, including Shepard Settlement Farm, Milk House Roastery was a natural endeavor. It merged both their skill sets and interests, and allowed them to be closer together as a family here in Central New York. The roastery is located in Marcellus on Shepard Settlement Farm in the old milk house. The farm raises Red Angus Cattle and a variety of crops. Our goal with the roastery is to support other small farms from coffee growing regions around the world, and roast their beans to the origin and climate conditions that the bean is grown in seasonally. With attention to craft and sensitivity to each bean, we strive to roast each varietal to it's unique flavor profile that is reflective of its region. Stop by the farm to taste this for yourself, we look forward to meeting you!

Location + Info

Online bean orders can be picked up anytime or during our open hours. Your order will be labeled in a sealed bucket and placed outside the door. You may also choose to have your order shipped.
Our address
Open hours
Saturday + Sunday 9am- noon In-store we sell cups of hot and iced coffee + coffee beans by the pound

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