Farm → farm coffee. 

Milk House Roastery is an artisan coffee roastery located on Shepard Settlement Farm in Marcellus, NY. We are committed to supporting small scale coffee farmers and producers in coffee growing regions around the world. We extend our local values into the global coffee market to responsibly and sustainably source our beans. 

An elevated coffee experience.  

We meticulously roast each batch of coffee using a profile we develop in order to emphasize the best flavors and characteristics inherent in each origin and varietal. An attention to developing these profiles allows us to offer a curated selection of roasts that pair with a variety of brewing methods and appeal to a range of customer tastes. Our methods ensure consistency in every roast, which means a quality cup of coffee however you choose to brew.

Recently, we were recognized as one of the top coffee roasters in central New York and featured as an Extraordinary Place by Carrie Lazurus on WSYR.

Customized Offerings

Bulk quantities and roasts for a variety of applications for coffee shops, restaurants, and catering.
Packaged coffee for grocery stores and specialty stores.
Custom roasting and private labels.




We will help you calibrate all of our roasts with your brew methods to ensure a quality cup of coffee each time.
We are happy to offer brewing suggestions and techniques.

Send us a message for pricing and more details. We look forward to hearing from you!

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