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Farmer Ground All Purpose Flour 2 lb

Farmer Ground All Purpose Flour 2 lb

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Organic Farmer Ground All Purpose Flour

Our All Purpose has a wide array of applications in baking and should be suitable for most recipes that call for “flour”. This is a sifted flour, resulting in a creamy off-white appearance and appealing flavor.  It is softer and lighter than our bread flours. Essentially this flour is a mix of our High Extraction Bread Flour and our White Pastry Flour. This flour could be used for Bread baking, but our High Extraction Bread Flour would be a better choice and would result in a stronger dough. .

Used for: Cakes, pastries, pie crusts, pancakes, quick breads, batters, and much more. Can be used for breads but high extraction bread flour would likely be a better choice. 

Grains: A 50/50 mix of our Hard Red wheat blend and Soft wheat.  

Protein: 10%

Fresh, Stoneground Flour from New York State Organic Grain

Farmer Ground Flour is the shared project of millers Greg Russo and Neal Johnston, and organic farmer Thor Oechsner. We began milling flour in 2009 from the grain that we grow in New York's Finger Lakes region. Through a custom series of beautiful pink granite millstones, our process creates astonishingly fresh and vibrant flour.

A whole grain is the entire seed of a plant. This seed or kernel is composed of endosperm, germ and bran. We designed our milling process to retain the integrity of these three parts and impart the nutrition of the whole grain—allowing the natural nutrients, fibers, oils and flavors to speak for themselves. We think they speak loudly.

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