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WINTER ROAST mexico mono loco chiapas

WINTER ROAST mexico mono loco chiapas

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Mexico Mono Loco Chiapas 

Full body with notes of orange peel toffee and chocolate.

PROCESS: fully washed, patio dry

HARVEST: february > april 2023

The Source:

Mono Loco is a sweet, bright, and complex cup profile from small producers in Chimhucum in the highlands of Chiapas. The coffee is shade grown in the mountains of Los Altos, leading to a slow maturation of the cherry that results in a bright and flavorful cup. The community are members of the Tzotzil indigenous group (direct descendants from the Maya Empire) who use artisanal processing methods like hand pulping coffee cherry, using wooden fermentation tanks, and slow sun drying on patios. Their coffee results in unique flavors due to a semi-washed process and only 6-12 hours of fermentation.


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