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"Pepitas" Pumpkin Seeds 3 oz roasted and salted

"Pepitas" Pumpkin Seeds 3 oz roasted and salted

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Pepitas de calabazas is Mexican for ‘squash seeds,’ which are a popular snack south of the border. Stony Brook’s pepitas are made a little further north, in the Finger Lakes region of New York, with locally grown heirloom pumpkins. Seeds harvested from the pumpkins are brined and batch roasted for a toasty flavor and crispy crunch. A nearly guilt-free snack, pumpkin seeds provide zinc, copper, lutein, beta carotene and Vitamin E.


Stony Brook WholeHeartedFoods is one of America’s few artisan makers of pepitas seed snacks, culinary oils and seed powders made exclusively from domestically sourced seeds. We craft flavorful products using seeds grown on local farms, roasting them in small batches, and pressing them into oil using a gentle expeller-press and filtration method that maintains freshness, subtle flavor and depth of color.

Today Stony Brook’s squash seed oils and seed snacks sell at dozens of grocery and specialty food stores from Boston to Seattle, including Fresh Market, MOM’s Organic Market, Zingerman’s, and Wegmans. It has received favorable reviews by food editors of the New York Times, Boston Globe, and Wall Street Journal

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