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DECAF COLOMBIAN notes of toffee and cocoa

DECAF COLOMBIAN notes of toffee and cocoa

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Decaf Colombian

creamy, full body with notes of toffee and cocoa

Sugar Cane or EA Process:

In this process, once they first receive green coffee at the plant, they sort it and prepare it for processing. A low pressure steam process for 30 minutes is used to open the pores of the coffee to allow for extraction of the caffeine. After this process, they then place the coffee in a solution of water and Ethyl Acetate (E.A.). The Ethyl Acetate is a naturally occurring compound and solvent, derived through the fermentation of sugar cane. During the E.A. process, the solvent naturally bonds to the acids within the coffee, allowing the caffeine to be extracted.

Once the coffee has soaked for sometime, they drain the tank and add fresh solution so that the process can continue. This can sometimes take up to 8 hours, pending the ability to remove enough caffeine from the batch. After they remove the last of the caffeine, they then remove the coffee from the tank and prepare the coffee for steaming. Steaming helps to remove any underlying traces of E.A. Finally, they dry the coffee and clean/sort to spec for bagging and export.

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